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It has to burn inside you that which you want to ignite in others.


Marc Aurelius

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To support you gaining competence to speak in public with ease and self-confidence. You learn about rhethorical clarity, communication skills, realistic self-perception and using your unique talents and strengths. This supports you in getting your message across effectively. Utilising the Art of Storytelling, helps you reach and enthuse audiences. Stories, seemingly discrete, have a very direct way of reaching the audience.

Programme Options: Basic Presentation Skills Training, Follow-Up Presentation-Skills Training, Storytelling Training, Individual Coaching.

Basic Presentation Skills Training:

This training learn the basic communication skills to improve your presentations. The training includes physical and practical activity. Contents:

With a group size of 6 people four to five ”stage runs” are possible. With larger groups this shall be adjusted.

Follow-up Presentations Skills Training:

Ongoing Training builds up self-esteem, whilst allowing work on present or future projects challenges, as well as refreshing already mastered skills. The use of video allows for immediate feedback and suggestions where adjustments might be needed, while also allowing individuals to harness their existing strengths. 

Half-day Training

For a maximum of 3 people with video recording, 2 Takes, and individual coaching. The participants are being videoed or give feedback, they are learn either way. The participants are invited to bring their own text to work on.

Storytelling Training:

Adds objectivity and depth, to help retainment of information of your audience, utilising stories. This training teaches you how to create or find appropriate stories, how to remember them and use them to achieve your aim. Tell a story well and the audience is all ear!

Individual Coaching:

Private Coaching allows individual training for current and future presentations and special events. Participants are assisted to strengthen and develop specific personal resources and capabilities. Tools included Physical Movement, Role Play, Video Work with supporting theories.

It has to burn inside you that which you want to ignite in others.


Marc Aurelius